Arabesca today

Arabesca has been making everyday life more beautiful for many fans of coffee and coffee substitutes since 1999, when it started producing coffee as a family business and through developing core values and hard work it has been making products with passion, which are more than just taste and aroma. Aware of the fact that it is a part of everyday life of a large number of loyal consumers, it strives to enrich every bean with experience, knowledge, innovation and love for coffee.

Owing to its adherence to the latest quality standards and the commitment of its employees, the company is proud to be counted among the leading coffee and coffee substitutes producers in Croatia. Arabesca has implemented the HACCP management system and in order to comply with the requests of uniformity and stability of the guaranteed quality of the products it has also introduced the IFS Higher Level certificate.

By insisting on quality while continually keeping pace with technology development and adapting every business segment to the changing market situations, Arabesca has for years been taking into account the trends and the rituals and wishes of its consumers. Repaying the trust gained throughout the years, it has been developing and adapting special recipes to make the well-known ritual of drinking Arabesca coffee something special.

By constantly keeping track of the market, Arabesca has developed a wide range of products that satisfy various consumers needs. The acclaimed Minas ground coffee, known for its traditional and special recipe, guarantees a cup full of love intended for people who stay true to old and domestic tastes. Looking to enrich the taste, Arabesca made the Aroma ground coffee with a unique floral structure for coffee drinkers who enjoy the combination of traditional and modern flavors. The Premium ground coffee is inspired by individualism and elegance and it is characterized by the top- quality delicate beans. 

The modern way of life and new consumer needs required the Arabesca cappuccino taste to be perfected through the original and improved recipe. The Arabesca Classic, Strong and Macchiato 3in1 and Latte 2in1 instant coffees are suitable for quick and simple preparation on any occasion and at any time.

For fans of high-quality espresso, Arabesca has developed various espresso coffee beans which contain a specific and unique mixture of rich and delicate flavors. Espresso coffees have a perfectly balanced full taste and a rich lasting aroma which allows them to perfectly meld with milk, resulting in a creamy and foamy structure.

Inspired by every bean, as well as by the needs and rituals of consumers, Arabesca lovingly makes it possible to discover the world of coffee drinking culture.