Ground coffee

Arabesca coffees are produced using the special recipes of top-quality blends of the finest coffees of controlled origin. With their rich aroma, they guarantee a sublime pleasure of drinking coffee on every occasion and at any time.

Minas ground coffee

It is a good habit to drink Minas coffee with milk or black, in the morning to feel fresh after waking up or as a reason to get together with friends.

Minas 100 g

Minas 175 g

Minas 200 g

Minas 250 g

Minas 400 g

Minas 500 g

Minas 600 g

Aroma ground coffee

Aroma Turkish ground coffee is a result of carefully selected top-quality arabica and robusta beans. The finest arabicas from Ethiopia and Central America have a floral structure that will please all senses, creating a magical taste and aroma. The unique and rich Aroma texture will please true fans of perfect coffee.

Aroma ground coffee 175 g

Aroma ground coffee 375 g

Premium ground coffee

The premium ground coffee is characterized by delicate beans with the best characteristics which provide top-quality coffee with an excellent full and savory taste. Unique and environmentally friendly tin can packaging preserves the taste and aroma of coffee by protecting it from moisture, light and air. The convenient packaging is a perfect gift.

Tin can 250 g

minas 100g
minas 175g
minas 200g
minas 250g
minas 400g
minas 500g
minas XXL
Aroma 175g
Aroma 375g
Premium 250g